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Digital Detox, Reduce Dangers Addiction Gadgets

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Unique Ways applied by Old Hall School in Wellington, Shropshire, England, to reduce his addiction smart phone or other digital devices. This school wean children from their parents and digital equipment while on vacation in a week.
Martin Stott, Principal Old Hall'm sure many children are less able to communicate well, including the growing use of language and facial expressions as never leaving a digital device.
That is why, Scott prohibit bringing his smart phone or electronic slates when traveling off from school. "We challenged the kids to live without a mobile device for the weekend they are," he told The Times
Old School Hall not antiteknologi. The school is using digital tools in teaching. It is precisely to prevent too addicted to digital, the children during the holidays together are asked to spend more time talking with friends, reading books and trying to solve the problem together.
The way it can reduce the danger kecandungan tablets. Accustomed to using a tablet or smart phone will make the children do not have child care and empathy towards the environment. Another impact of avid gadget is the lack of gestures.

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